Episode 37

The Midsommar Special

Not that anybody asked but this week we hollowed out our bears and booked our flights to Stockholm because we are finally diving deep into Ari Aster's folk horror masterpiece Midsommar. You may recognise Midsommar from where we have recommended it every single episode, and it's now time for us to put our money where our mouth is. The first half an hour of this episode is spoiler free and our Top 3 list this week delves into "Moments From Midsommar That Stuck With Us" in an attempt to explain why we love the film so much and keep recommending it to you all. Expect Ariana Grande, Brazilian Football Legend Pele and 2 Mid 2 Sommar in Space.

For a film that deals with grief as much as Midsommar does we obviously name dropped GriefCast - a podcast that has helped both of our hosts - you can find out more about it here

You can find the opening mural Ian mentions here

You can find the trailers for our choices, and other things referenced, on this youtube playlist.

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Graham Jones

Top 3 Things You Should Know:
1. Once saw Tom Felton in a cocktail bar, fairly sure he did a double take thinking I was his old pal Rupert.
2. Psychology graduate and knows this doesn't matter.
3. The van story - but I'm not telling you unless you buy me a beer.
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Ian Harries

Top 3 Things You Should Know:
1. Holds the unironic belief that Nicolas Cage is the greatest living actor.
2. History graduate and thinks this matters.
3. Once climbed a mountain by accident.